LeapFrog LeapStart Go System, Charcoal and Green

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Learn in an exciting new way with the innovative LeapStart Go interactive learning system. This sleek, easy-to-hold stylus triggers videos and audio responses using the adjustable 1.44” LCD screen and built-in speaker. LeapStart Go makes it easier for preschool through first grade kids to understand more advanced information with activity sets like The Human Body and School Success (sold separately). Cool interactive video effects let kids zoom in, explore and interact with a variety of learning concepts by touching the stylus on interactive charts, book pages and more. Holds up to 13 LeapStart animated books. A computer with an Internet connection is required to download books and activity sets onto the LeapStart system. Not compatible with LeapReader books. Intended for ages 4-8 years. Rechargeable lithium battery included.


  • Engages kids through books, video and audio for an experience that reinforces learning and helps kids better understand concepts
  • Trigger videos on the 1.44” LCD screen by using the stylus to tap on the pictures and words to explore reading, math, problem solving and more
  • Video effects let kids zoom in, explore and interact with learning concepts and most activities have two levels so kids can advance when they're ready
  • Grow-with-me library includes 400+ activities across three levels covering preschool through first grade curriculum with 50+ skills at each level
  • Computer with internet required. LeapReader books not compatible. Intended for ages 4-8 years. Rechargeable lithium battery included

Get Kids Excited About Learning!

Build beyond the learning basics by tapping the stylus to charts, words and pictures on LeapStart books and LeapStart Go deluxe activity sets for interactive learning.

Trigger audio responses, animations and real videos on the adjustable LCD screen to deepen understanding of more advanced concepts in subjects like math, science and more.



  • 12-Page Sampler Book
  • USB Cable (to transfer data and charge device)

Build Your Own LeapStart Library!

LeapStart Go is compatible with all LeapStart books and LeapStart Go deluxe activity sets. Connect LeapStart Go with a computer to save content from LeapStart animated books to the device (Internet connection required only when downloading content).

LeapStart Go is not compatible with books designed for the LeapReader system.